School Fee Insurance

Education. Possibly the most important gift you can give your children.

School Fee Protect Insurance helps provide peace of mind by protecting your child’s precious education.

It’s not pleasant to suddenly have to look for a new job, recover from serious illness or injury.

Another unpleasant part of these changed circumstances can be the sudden and unexpected impact on your ability to afford your child’s school fees.

After all, as a parent who has chosen to invest in a private (independent) school education, you value the positive impact your chosen school will have on your child’s future.


Their education continues uninterrupted. Your investment in them continues.


With this cover, you’ll know that if you (or your partner) becomes unemployed, sick or disabled, your child’s school fees will be paid by QBE, for up to 6 months for involuntary unemployment cover and 12 months for disability cover.



School Fee Protection Insurance helps give you the space you need to get on with your job search. Or to recover from an injury. Your cover is provided by one of Australia’s leading insurers, QBE. 

For less than a gold coin a day, depending on your child’s annual tuition fees, your child will continue learning with their friends, while you get back on your feet.

By protecting their fees, you minimise the impact on your child’s education during a difficult time for your family.

And best of all, the premiums are very attractive, from as little as a gold coin a day, depending on your child’s annual tuition fees. That’s less than a coffee!

Get a quote now to see how little it will cost you.